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  ELEEN HALVORSEN is a New York based Norwegian artist and designer working across different mediums, fusing garment making, leather work, objects and sculpture - wearable as well as pure “objects of desire”. Her work often deals with themes surrounding the abstracted body and textures, fusing traditional garment construction with unconventional patternmaking, experimental fabric manipulations and unique silhouettes.                   

Born and raised in Norway, Eleen Halvorsen moved to New York to attend Parsons The New School for Design, from where she graduated in 2012. In April 2013 she launched her first conceptual capsule collection - Dancing Under The Black Moon. Since the inception of her namesake brand, Halvorsen has personally been executing every step of construction from concept development through the finalization of each unique project, creating a language truly her own. Often taking inspirations from her moody hometown off the East Coast of Norway.

Since her launch Eleen Halvorsen has achieved editorial and written coverage from top publications including: L'Officiel, Interview, Contributor, Numero Tokyo, SCHON, StyleZeitgeist, S Magazine and Huffington Post among others.

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  ATELIER ELEEN HALVORSEN takes pride in being a slow design atelier where art and design seamlessly blend into each other creating an otherworldly, yet raw industrial universe at our own pace. As a result our garments and objects are hand crafted with the utmost attention to detail and high end craftsmanship, focusing on top quality natural fabrics like silk, leather and wool - as well as steel and concrete objects, with the goal of creating unique investment pieces that our clients will fall in love with and cherish for a long time to come. We welcome clients on appointment basis for a one-on-one customized experience. Our focus is local production, one-of-a-kind pieces, backed by a high-end made-to-order philosophy. 


Eleen Halvorsen_leather construction 

LEATHER. Our leather items are made from by-product leather from the food industry, using mainly vegetable tanned leather, which uses the oldest and most intricate process of tanning leather, relying on natural vegetable tannings from tree bark or other plant sources. All of the Eleen Halvorsen molded leather objects are made in-house and are dyed, polished and edge finished individually by hand using only the amount of dye and polish needed, greatly minimizing waste water.

CARE AND AFTERLIFE. To prolong the life of every garment, as well as leaving a minimal impact on the environment, we encourage our customers to take good care of their Eleen Halvorsen pieces by following the care instructions that is written individually for each piece. As a general rule, hand wash in cold water rather than machine wash and spot clean whenever possible.

Should one of your old Eleen Halvorsen pieces need repair, we are happy to examine your garment and assess whether we can repair it to prolong its life for you. 

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